Fisher Science World 2009 10-07-2009
On the 18th June I went to Haydock Park to film this years Fisher Science World. The exhibition was a success, with 600 participants and 80 exhibitors.

I filmed the seminars of Judith Hann of Tomorrow's World fame and Dr Aubrey De Grey. The doc shared with us his theory that it could be possible for us to live for 1000 years. Mindbending stuff.

The highlight for me however, was being lucky enough to meet the wonderfully charismatic Professor Heinz Wolff. He made me giggle right through the radio mic soundcheck by treating me to a story about a crocodile - much more entertaining that the usual, 'one, two, oooone, two.' When I told him the soundcheck was done, he asked, 'But don't you want to hear the end of my story?' He stood alone at the front of the room narrating his story into his radio mic. For anyone else walking into the room at that point, he probably looked as if he was talking to himself. I stood at the back of the room listening through my headphones as he finished his story with that wonderfully distinctive voice of his. The crocodile survived.

I'm now busy editing the piece together - firstly the clip for Fisher's website of the highlights of the day, before moving onto the editing of the seminars. Look out for the clips on the website soon!

See below for a link to last year's video.

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