India Sound Recording Course 27-01-2011
I've just returned from an extraordinary 10 days in Corbett Tiger Reserve, India on the Wildeye Sound Recording Course with Chris Watson. Chris is probably the most famous sound recordist in natural history filmmaking (Life of Birds, Life in the Undergrowth, Life in Cold Blood...) and so I tried to squeeze as much knowledge out of him during those 10 days as humanly possible! Chris was an amazing tutor and I came away very excited about all the sound recording possibilities for my upcoming Wildlife Garden Project.

The trip itself was one of the best I've ever been on: the camp and its staff were amazing, the markets bustling, and my fellow travellers had me in stitches half the time, and that's before we even get to the wildlife! The scenery in Corbett is absolutely beautiful: jungles and plains, hills and valleys, and hidden away inside it all were tigers, leopards, elephants, bears, deer and a whole host of birds. But most of it did stay well and truly hidden. On our first day out in the jeeps however, we were lucky enough to find with the help of our ever resourceful guide Raj, a male tiger. He was absolutely stunning, and having never before seen a tiger in the wild, it was a moment I'll never forget.

I'm now in the process of sorting through my video, photos and sounds, so keep those beady ones peeled and they'll be uploaded soon! To find out more about wildeye trips visit
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