BBC Voices Film Festival 28-07-2010
I've just returned from the BBC Voice Film Festival, where I was working with Wildeye on an exhibition at the Forum in Norwich with Piers Warren, Mike Linley and Jonathan (Jip) Jones. We had 3 stands: Filming macro with lots of creepy crawlies including a chilean rose tarantula, deaths head cockroaches, a wasp spider, giant crickets, baby salamanders and a variety of caterpillars; the handycam table with a very co-operative model, my very own baby tortoise; and finally filming a toad jumping around with a photron super slow motion camera.

We had a lot of fun, and hopefully got a few kids excited about wildlife and filmmaking. The highlight for me though, was when a young lad asked me where the remote control was for the tarantula I was holding, and then was very puzzled as to why the TV remote didn't work when he pointed it at the 8 legged creature!

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