Wildeye Research and Production for Wildlife Documentaries course 04-05-2010
Last weekend I attended another Wildeye course, this time as a student. The Research and Production for Wildlife Documentaries course was led by Caroline Brett, an award winning producer and director who currently works for the Save Our Seas Foundation and makes a mean guacamole, and Alan Miller, a highly experienced writer, director and editor with an unashamed passion for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They were assisted by Sarah Barber, who has worked as a researcher for over 3 years on wildlife and science series for children and adults.

The course covered writing proposals, making promos, who to pitch to and how to do it, as well as covering the planning, production and post production of wildlife documentaries. The staff were extremely knowledgeable and experienced, and as well as meeting some lovely people, I came away with a lot of new knowledge and inspiration on how to get cracking with my first full length documentary...!

Keep your eyes on www.wildeye.co.uk/production.html for details of when the next course will be.

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