Wildeye Big Cat Film Safari 17-05-2009
I'm back from my trip to the Masai Mara, where I was working as the editor for the Wildeye Big Cat Film Safari. I had an amazing time! We were lucky enough to see and film 16 different cheetahs, 5 different leopards, over 30 lions, several servals as well as the immediate aftermath of two kills.

With the expertise of Wildeye principal Piers Warren and wildlife cameraman Gavin Thurston and the immense knowledge of the locals and drivers, we were lucky enough to spend time with the stars of BBC's Big Cat Live including Shakira the cheetah and her three cubs, Olive the leopard and her son Kali, and the Marsh pride of lions.

Piers, Gavin and myself will be returning to Kenya next March for the next Big Cat Film Safari. Visit www.wildeye.co.uk for more details.

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