Big Cat Film Safari 2010 31-03-2010
On 13th March I got back home from my second Wildeye Big Cat Film Safari in the Maasai Mara, Kenya.

Sadly, Piers Warren was unable to join us this time, so it was up to me and Cameraman Extraordinaire Gavin Thurston (Life, Big Cat Diary, Planet Earth, Life of Mammals...the list goes on...!) to organise the motley crew of eager wildlife filmmakers and photographers.

The trip was again a success, sightings include: so many lions we lost count; close encounters with cheetahs and cubs; a very up close and personal encounter with Olive the leopard and her two cubs frolicking in the branches of a tree; hyenas, jackals, elephants and giraffes and even white rhino!

Yikes. Of course, I didn't see as much as the guests, as much of the time I was busy editing away in possibly the best office in the world, in the shade of a big tree by the Olare Orok river. Mara Bush Camp is a temporary eco camp - when we go, so does the camp. We were right in the bush, no fences, so although most animals tend to stay away from anywhere where humans are dwelling and doing their human thing, from my office I could still see hippos belching and farting in the river in front of me, and vervet monkeys climbing trees around me, as well as countless varieties of bird. :-)

Piers Warren of Wildeye is already busy making plans for next years trip, so if you'd like to come along please visit If you are planning a trip to the Maasai Mara, I really couldn't recommend Mara Bush Camp enough, find out about them here: (and they aren't even paying me for that!)

I am going to be organising my photos over Easter so look out for those in the coming weeks! In the meantime, the thumbnail will have to do ya!
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