Music Video Service
If you are a musician or band looking for a video to show the world what you are all about, you have come to the right place! We have a number of packages available to make choosing a video a little simpler. Choose from one of our LIVE MUSIC PACKAGES or combine a number of shoots to build your own MUSIC VIDEO PACKAGE. If you require something different to what these offer, use them as a starting point and let us know, and we can tailor any shoot to your budget and requirements.

Raw and real, these videos show what your band can really do, getting across the atmosphere and energy that you put into the gig itself.

For those with more talent than money, we can put together a video of your song of choice at one of your gigs. There will be one camera operator and two cameras and then a 1 day edit.
Price: £350
Students: £300

For an additional fee, you can provide photos and other videos for us to cut in with the live gig footage. We can also edit multiple songs from the same live show, using colour grading and effects so that no video is the same.

Additional material in edit: £50
Additional song edits: £150

This package gives you 2 cameras and 2 operators. This means that both cameras can be moved around resulting in the variety of shots being much greater. There will be more time spent on colour grading and effects than in Package 1.
Price: £600
Students: £550

Additional camera operator and camera £200
Additional material in edit: £50
Additional song edits: £150

Find a location (for example a venue which doesn’t use the room during the day), get together a big bunch of friends and we will shoot the video with the look and feel of a live show, but with all of the bonuses of a studio shoot. As there is no paying public, (just your very supportive and enthusiastic mates) you will perform the song a number of times, allowing us to shoot you and the crowd from a variety of angles. We will be able to get shots we couldn’t in a live environment such as sweeping jib crane shots and from the stage.
Price: £350
Students: £300
You will be responsible for any venue fees.

Stylish and slick, dark and dirty, or tongue in cheek, whatever you have in mind for your music video, we can cater for your needs!

You might want a music video shot entirely on location, or with a mix of live footage, location and studio shots. Pick the options that you want in your video from the shooting elements below and then add on the editing price which is based on the number of elements you chose. You can then build your own unique music video tailormade to your budget.


Rehearsal Room/studio shoot
A studio shoot gives us the flexibility to shoot exactly what you want, without the restrictions that a live show would give. We can get macro shots, sweeping jib crane shots, special lighting effects and even green screen. You will be responsible for paying the rehearsal room/studio fee.
Half day in studio: £150
Full day in studio: £200
Green Sreen £100

Location Shoot
In the woods, in the pub or in your Granny’s bathroom, the location is your choice. Normally this would be a half day shoot, but if the location is more than an hour away it will be charged as a full day shoot.
Half day shoot: £150 + travel @ 40p/mile (suitable only for when mixing with other elements)
Full day Shoot: £200 + travel @ 40p/mile (required if only one element is being used)
Full day Shoot with 2 locations: £250 + travel @ 40p/mile

Live Gig
You can use existing footage from video you already own or we can shoot some snippets of a gig you have coming up. This won’t be as comprehensive as the live gig package, but will provide a variety of shots to show the atmosphere and energy of your gigs. would not be charged.
Providing own footage: £10
Live gig shoot: £100

Not-So-Live Gig
As per Not-So-Live Package, we will set up a shoot as if it is live.
Price: £150

The edit will depend on how many elements you have chosen i.e. rehearsal room is one element, location is another.
One Element Edit Price: £200
Two Element Edit Price: £400
Three Element Edit Price: £600
Four Element Edit Price: £800

A music video made using just footage shot on location would cost :
£200 for the location shoot
£200 for the edit (one element)
Total: £400

A video made with a mixture of Not So Live and a half day Rehearsal Room will cost:
£150 Not-So-Live shoot
£150 Rehearsal Room shoot
£400 Edit (two elements)
Total: £700


Live Gigs
In the live situation we need to record the audio of your performance as well as the video. For the best quality audio the sound engineer hired for the show would mic or DI all the instruments and we would take a line-out from the mixing desk. If this is not possible we can record using the camera mics, but the quality won't be as good as the professional mix. You will be responsible for hiring the sound engineer, but often venues include an engineer as part of the room-hire.

Studio, Not-So-Live and Location Shoots
Most professional music videos are mimed to pre-recorded audio provided by the artist. This ensures that the audio quality will be high, and that multiple shots of video will sync up with the audio. If you would rather get a live audio track we can cater for this, but as above you must hire the sound engineer. In the case of live gigs, we will need to get a live feed from the sound desk. We can record sound with the cameras, but for a better quality sound you may need to hire a sound engineer. In the case of studio, not-so-live and location shoots, you will need to provide a high quality audio file which you will mime to.

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